Vairs nav vajadzības izvēlēties dāvanu! Dāvanu karte - labāka izvēle jebkuros svētkos draugam, kolēģim un ģimenes loceklim.

MasterCard dāvanu karte - ērts apmaksas veids ar kuru var veikt maksājumus visā pasaulē, kā arī internetā.

Gift card

BRAVO Gift card - an ideal gift for friends, for the people you love and for co-workers, for any celebration and in any situation. This card can be used for business – for business-trip expenses and representative cost, for bonuses to your employees, or as a gift for partners. The cardholder will be able to pay for goods or services in the trading places or on-line, locally and internationally. With BRAVO Gift card it is easy to pay everywhere wherever MasterCard is accepted, no need to change currency and all payment details can be quickly and easily viewed in the on-line system. ma.